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PS4 pro vs Xbox one s

As you all know the Xbox One S has recently came out and not to long from now the Playstation 4 Pro will be coming out and man will this be a battle between the two great consoles again.Well to get people thinking about which...

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BattleField 1

BattleField 1 is a first person shooter that takes place in WW1. The game was developed by EA Dice,the designer of this game is Daniel Berlin,publisher is Electronic Arts. This years battlefield is going to be exciting with the...

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Bo3 salvation DLC

From Black ops 1 to Black ops 3 salvation DLC is here bringing you four new maps micro,rupture,citadel,and outlaw the remake of standoff from Black ops 2. What fans are more excited about is the zombies map ”revelations” this map is a combination of every zombies map ever created by Activation.

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