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Is it Feminism or Anti-Men?

The number of independent women is increasing. Women are testing the boundaries of the workplace and becoming more than a housewife, but is what some of the speeches and protests really about women? I think certain feminist...

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Huston flood

Hurricane Harvey hit Huston , Texas leaving about 21 dead . Texas was flooded with 26 inches in less than 6 days .  More than 6,000 have been rescued and put into shelters and about 1,000 more need to be rescued . Those who...

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Syria war

The Syria war has started and residents are now evacuating from Foah and Kefraya and are being taken to  Rashideen where they will be in government-controlled areas of Aleppo . The war all started when more than 80 people were...

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Annabelle doll

The real story behind the demolic doll is that she is real . According to claims originating from Ed and Lorraine Warren, a student nurse was given the Raggedy Ann doll in 1970, but after the doll acted strangely, a  physic...

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