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The Greatest Man Alive

    I believe that “Drake” is the best rapper alive off tops. I do not know why anyone would try to argue on that. Him being on top of billboards for the most times than any other artist in their music...

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As the Christmas spirit begins to fill the streets and the Christmas products take over the stores some people begin to look for events to take part in to bring about the joy of Christmas. Although it may not be as easy find...

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Upcoming Music Concerts

For those of you who who love music concerts we have about 5 music concerts coming up. On October 13th we will have B.O.B with all his best hits and he will be here in Phoenix from 7 p.m. to 10 p.m. We also have Iggy Azalea here...

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Touring Guitar

Traveling since early 2000, touring guitar is constantly expanding its national music reach each year. In preparation for the 2016 tour, twenty-six students whom are involved in the extracurricular ninth hour dedicate at least...

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