Author: Zoe Walker

Panther Town 2016-2017

For those of you who didn’t go to Panther Town, it was from November 19th through the 23rd. There was about 120 students and staff members that attended the camp. In those five days we watched the counselors preform skits, had a field day, watched a movie, and did many activities involving race, gender, stereotypes, sexuality, and disabilities. This trip was such a huge eye opener and it truly changes the way you think about yourself and others around you. For just the price of $70, we got fed every single day, breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks in between, had our own cabins to ourselves, a shirt, and a journal. In the end, everything I had to do to be able to go to Panther Town was totally worth it. The minute we got to the camp, we instantly started bonding and making friends with the other people that went. The bonds that were created through those five days came out so much more important to me than a bond i had with someone for a few months, or even years. We bonded with one another on a deeper, emotional and physical, level than you normally would with other people you would see walking around school. The  activities that we did really showed us how complex people and their lives can be. We watched each other step forward or...

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Intermediate and Advanced Dance Concert

This Thursday and Friday, 11/17 and 11/18, the Intermediate and Advanced Dance will be having a concert in the auditorium. The performance starts at 7 but the doors are open at 6;35. Tickets are only $3 at the door. The performance will include jazz, modern, and lyrical dance. Backpacks, duffel bags, and large purses will not be allowed inside, so please those at home! To the students, this concert could count for your advisory grade so if you go make sure to save the ticket stub and program and show them to your advisory teacher so you get credit. Our Intermediate and Advanced dance students have real talent and would love if you went out and showed your support. Hope to see you all...

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October Student Of The Month

Jasmen Alderawi Mrs. Mazzocoli, Art Sandra Casas Mr. Agamba, World languages Miriam Hernandez Ms. Williams, Per. Arts Marissa D. Ramirez Mr. F. Contreras, Business Dept. Eric Rosales-Benitez Mr. D. Dominguez, Social Studies “He is an outstanding student in my U.S. History class. He works well with others and takes his education seriously. I wish more students took after him in class…” Leonel Arce Gaxiola Ms. Paiz. E.S.L. Ivonne Dominguez Mr. J. McCarthy, ESS “Ivonne has the highest score of all of the students in all of my biology classes. Her behavior is exemplary and she is very helpful. Her attendance is superb and she is always on time to class. She participates fully in every lesson.” Jimenez Rodriguez Mr. B. Stewart, Social Studies Angelica Rodriguez Mrs. Maxwell, English Anahi Zayas Ms. Williams, Per. Arts Lyana Bracy Ms. Abdullah-Mitchell, Reading “Iyana is such a joy to have in class. She demonstrates exceptional leadership skills, she is a self-advocate for her educational endeavors and she works diligently to ensure that she is successful as a student.” Monica Gavira Mr. R. Reyes, Math Alondra Munoz Rodriguez Mr. Hamm, English “It has been my privilege to be Ms.Munoz’s teacher now for 2 years. I was her teacher for juniors honors English last year and I have her in my regular English class this year. Ms.Munoz immediately stood out to me as a dedicated...

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Maryvale’s Intermediate And Advanced Piano

Maryvale High School’s intermediate and advanced piano class, and the Music Club are all run under Ms.Elms in room 400. During third period is when all of the more advanced students practice and perfect their musical pieces. On Friday, September 30th, there was a recital during third period, and one after school at 6pm. The recital included duets and group performances. We stopped by Wednesday morning and here’s what Ms.Elms and some students had to say. Ms.Elms is on her tenth year teaching at Maryvale High School. She really enjoys teaching piano, especially to her advanced kids. Every year they attend the Phoenix Piano Competition that usually starts in April. A sophomore student named Monica Gavira told us that she has been playing piano ever since she was a little girl and piano music has always fascinated her. It influenced her so much that she came to Maryvale for this very piano class and the great music program. The duet she preformed with her partner, Nayeli Barragan, was titled “The Sleeping Beauy Waltz”. To learn and perfect their song, they practiced their parts separately and then came together when they both had their parts learned. They went over certain parts they were having trouble with over and over again until they had the whole song down. Berenice Cinco and John Rodriguez, the Music Club president, were duet partners. They...

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Maryvale Murals Standing Up For Diversity

In the Maryvale community there are many murals beautifully painted along our walls. The 400 foot long, Mural of Unity, located on 75th Ave. just north of Thomas, displayed portraits of civil rights leaders. It was designed to show the beauty of the cultures, giving tribute to people like Dr. Martin Luther King, Cesar Chavez, and Barrack Obama. However, some neighbors called the mural “graffiti” or an “eye-sore”. A week after the Senate Bill 1070 was signed into law, the Mural of Unity was whitewashed. This showed to some artists as a testament to increased racial tensions. Several artist-activists came together and recovered all of the faces. The artists wanted to update the mural and include much more stronger images to show a deeper meaning towards the vandals. Unfortunately, the police and community were worried that the new mural would uproar the racial tensions much further. Coach Paco and neighbors returned anyways and created the new mural Today we have the updated version, The Mural of Diversity. Some ideas that were floating around the group was to add a painting of pregnant women being handcuffed by soldiers, or an image of the Arizona flag with a swastika in the heart of the sun. Although those were very strong depictions, the final mural was toned down. These murals have a deep meaning in them that all of us in the...

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