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Are reality shows even real?

Reality Television- are shows supposedly unscripted and do not use professional actors. When we hear the word reality we think of something that’s real, and when we hear the word television we think of cartoons, news, and comedy shows. On the other hand when we hear reality and television mix the whole definition of reality changes. On t.v. you mostly see shows that are scripted and already planned out before hand. Most reality shows turn out to be pretty good when others can be good but later on hit rock bottom because many people didn’t find the show interesting....

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Should teachers give out supplies?

When you come to school you come to learn and talk to friends. When you come to learn you need two things: something to write with and a notebook to write in, but when you are in a rush you forget one thing or another. I have done that before and couldn’t write at all in that class. When you ask a teacher for something they either give you the thing you need or just say “too bad, go see if any of your friends have any.” This shows that teachers need to supply students because most of us...

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Should teachers let students listen to music?

When you are in class you get bored just hearing the teacher talk and when they are done they expect you to do work until the class hour is over. I personally don’t like that type of class, I like the type of classes that let you have fun or even let you chill and hear music. Why can’t all teachers let us students at least hear music when we a doing class work and staying on task? Most of the students you see them are walking to their next class bumping music and having fun hearing it. If...

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Do teachers get paid enough?

As I was growing us teachers told us that the garbage man made more money then them. When I was doing research the average garbage man makes around $39471 per year. This shows that teachers don’t really get paid enough to be dealing with drama and all the fights. Teachers work mostly all week and planning what to teach and what will help us out in life. In school teachers don’t really know what could happen in school everyday and if someone is going to fight or not. Teachers don’t really get the respect they should get as when they put hard work...

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Biracial 8 Year old kid hanged by teens

Biracial 8 year old boy gets hanged by teens in New Hampshire. Recourse says the little boy was in a backyard with teens and the teens were telling the kid racial slurs. The kid was standing on a picnic table with a noose around his neck. The kid was pushed off the table and suffered some neck injuries. Family members says he’s okay and going to school. Now this is my prospective we are all trying to fight for all of us to have the same freedom and be treated the same way, but what most people don’t see is that we are going backwards and getting less and less freedom and allowing that to happen by not speaking up and seeing how the world really...

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