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Human Video

A Human Video is a form of theater combining music, Modern Dance and drama, along with interpretive dance, American Sign Languag , pantomime, and classic mime. A human video consists of a song or melody played over loudspeakers while actors use rhythmic physical movements to communicate emotions to a given audience. This fine art is not a easy thing to do – you have to put 100% into it physically, mentally, and emotionally. You have to know what you are doing with this art because people can get hurt. Some dancers lift other dances and do transitions with them on top. There is so much...

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   Thanksgiving is almost here November 23. Thanksgiving is a day where you gather with your family from all over the  places and have a great feast until you are stuffed and can’t eat any more. The main plate on the day of Thanksgiving is turkey and corn, mashed potatoes and more.  After everyone is done with their meal they sit down to watch football or go outside to play games and enjoy time with family. This holiday is one of those days where you can talk about the old times and new times with family. Thanksgiving brings people...

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    imagine finding out you have cancer and that you’re going to die – what would you do or think? Many people change who they are because they get lost in the moment. It’s not easy for those people who have to go through that. Sometimes they come out stronger than before because they faced a once in a life time crisis. Aurelia Tapia is a 34 year old woman and a single mother with two kids. She is also a stage 3 thyroid cancer survival. I know her story because she’s my mom. The fight was not...

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            Halloween is the night on October 31,the eve of All Saints’ Day.  It is commonly celebrated by children who dress in costume and go to solicit candy or other treats door to door. Halloween’s roots come from the ancient, Pre-christian Celtic festival of Samhain. Today we celebrate Halloween as a fun day where we all dress up in costumes and go get candy door to door around the block. There are soooo many things that you can do on Halloween like go to a hunted house, go to party, etc…. the options are...

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Photography is a form of visual art that is expressed in many ways. When doing the art of photography it’s not just trying to take the best picture or you trying to look a tumblr star or aesthetic. It means that you are trying to capture an image in time that makes you feel one way but can make another person feel a completely different way. It means that  you see this image that has a meaning and a story to tell. Photography is something that can’t really be explained in words but only by seeing the image that has...

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