Author: Trinity Foster

Matts Fate Part Two: The Basement

Remember to read part one first!!!!!!   Stumbling as we walked through the dark, I could hear Anne say to walk against the walls. I waved my arms around for a moment or two before realizing I was pretty far from a wall. Screaming continued at one end of the hall and I started to use it as my guide, having no other option, besides running into a wall, which did happen a moment after the screams stop. James, hearing the thud of my crash, told everyone to head right and keep talking so we all headed the same “right.”...

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Matt’s Fate Part One: Secret Rooms

After a week of painstaking research and investigation our team leader James announced we had to drop the project of the glowing lights, once again. With so much more still to learn about them, we decided to take on a smaller, cheaper case to recuperate. The quickest one we could get our hands on was a request to us by a freshmen. They lead us to a part of the school reeking of mystery. Literally, The place smelled like a body was left there in 2005 and no one bothered with it, not even the buzzards. The kid said that...

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Quick Fix Sewing Tutorial

In this you will learn the basics to taking in a shirt or dress that is tOo big. In sewing taking in means to make the shirt, skirt,dress or other article of clothing fit closer to your actual measurements. This is a basic guide and won’t turn you into a master overnight but if you want to learn more about sewing after you read this tutorial I recommend  checking out both Nutty Crafter and HandiWorks on Youtube. Search them up or click their names for the link!! The first step: Before you start sewing, it is good to get...

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Glowing Apparitions in the Girls Bathroom

Over the past week I have been working with several ghost investigators trying to get to the bottom of the strange stories about glowing orbs floating in several of the girls bathrooms. The “Glowing Devils,” as some of the witnesses have begun to call them, have reportedly been responsible for several accidents. The results of the initial incidents have led to multiple faked stories; fifteen students staying home out of not wanting to encounter the specters; and several faculty members quitting their jobs. Some of the students avoiding school made up stories to try and prolong their stay at...

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Watch the Show, Become the Character

  Watch anime? Like to draw? Enjoy making costumes and dressing in them? Consider this, Joining both the Anime Club and the Cosplay club. Lets take a look. Anime Club In the anime club you can watch new anime series that you might not have considered to watch in the past. And find new characters to love and draw. For you who do there are many drawing competitions that change topics over the year, the first this year being to design an original mascot for the club. And for the more social types the people of the club are energetic and...

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