Author: Tania Angulo

Man Accused of Burning His Daughters hands

Ronald Conjulun Rodriguez, a man in Phoenix is facing child abuse charges for burning his young daughters hand on a stove. He was arrested at his apartment  after his 7 year old daughter told her school nurse her dad had burned her hand. Once the allegations began investigators interviewed her other seven sibilings and found another 5 year old girl with burns. None of the siblings say they witnessed the abuse. Ronald says they accidentally got burned while they playing in the kitchen. Ronald’s wife says he was angry at his daughters for stealing candy in the house. His wife also admitted that she saw him hold their hands over the stove. According to court she did not see him do anything. She discovered the burns on the 7 year old after returning from her 30 minute trip to the store, she also admits she did not call the police. The family of 9 will have to  wait and see what the final verdict will be and what is to come for their...

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The Next IPhone Rumors

If you are a big fan of the Apple IPhone and are excited for the new phones which are either the IPhone 7s and 7s plus or the IPhone 8, some not very good news was recently going around. The IPhone 8 production was, according to rumors, behind schedule. The IPhone 7s or 8 was expected to be released early September 2017, but because of their new innovative design, production might take longer than expected. However this news is apparently no longer relevant because it was announced that Apple is not behind schedule and will not delay the release date after all. Morgan Stanley says there is no evidence that supports the claim saying the IPhone will be delayed. The IPhone 8 is expected to have a glass body, no home button, faster processor, wireless charging, camera an touch ID will be integrated in the display, and few other rumored features. These new exciting features are expected by September, but some think innovative design says otherwise and will delay the release to October or November 2017. In conclusion the release date is not yet finalized, but is mostly expected by September 2017. Apple fans will have to wait and see when the new device will be released and what other features will make the phone so interesting and...

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Fifty six percent of teens experience stress. 83% say the biggest cause for their stress was school related. Transitioning to high school is a big change for all teens. All of a sudden you find yourself in piles of work and you don’t know how you’ll do it all in time. School is a significant source for stress, but isn’t the only one. Stress can also be caused by physical appearance. Teens constantly worry about their looks and it is another source for their stress. There are many other causes for stress, but the question is how can you relieve stress. Here are a few tips for managing stress. Sleep, many teens don’t get enough sleep. Getting proper sleep is very important, it relaxes your body and if your body is relaxed, your mind will be too.  Exercise can also relieve stress, you’ll feel much better after a walk or run. Most importantly do things you enjoy, it can be as simple as listening to music, if you enjoy the things you do they won’t cause you anymore...

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U.S. launches missile strike on Syria

In response to Syria launching chemical weapons on its own people, President Trump ordered a missile strike early Friday. Syria’s chemical weapon launch killed 86 people, 27 of those were children. Syrian president Bashar Assad launched the horrible attack that slowly and brutally killed helpless and innocent men, women, and children. That event lead to the military strike on Syria where the chemical attack was launched. U.S. officials say that the aircraft hit the site and the airfield was severely damaged. The runway and gas fuel pumps were hit as well. Only 23 of the 59 missiles hit the target and reduced Syria’s ability to deliver chemical weapons....

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Free Donuts !

Krispy Kreme is introducing two new coffees available in smooth and rich. Krispy Kreme announced those who try their new coffee in any size will receive a free doughnut. Krispy Kreme will be giving free original glazed doughnuts for the month of February. The promotion begins February 6 and ends February 28. Try their new and improved coffee in the size of your choice and get a delicious free glazed...

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