Author: leslie perez

Fidget Spinner

Lately this toy came out recently in 2017 and did you know that this toy was inventive in the 1900’s. they said that this toy can reveled stress and it can help you concentrate. Experts were divided on this claim, with some supporting it while others refuted it scientific basis and argued the toy may actually be more distracting. Often marketed with health benefits. the toy began being used by school children. resulting in some school banning the spinners. arguing that the toy became a distracting in classrooms. Other schools are allowing the toy to be used discreetly by...

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Bermuda Triangle Pyramids

Possibly the oldest and Biggest Mystery science cant explain. The Bermuda Triangle continues to baffle humanity with her secrets. Beginning in 1800, when the USS Pickering disappeared along with her 90 passengers, the Bermuda Triangle has gained notoriety as planes and ships alike seem to disappear once they enter borders. Located in the North Atlantic, roughly between the south tip Florida on the western border.Puerto Rico to the Southeast and Bermuda to the Northeast the triangle has for over 200 years continued to elude a scientific reasoning for the strange happening within her borders Two large glass, or crystal-like,...

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It’s that time of the month again to hide Easter egg filled with candy,money, and pranks and also spend time with family and have the happiest moment ever. Easter is on a Sunday, April 16 since were all grown up we teens don’t hunt no more…but who cares were still babies Let’s Go Hunt Some...

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Are you scared of clowns well this is not the article you might not read. well the most scary clown is back and better in 2017. The title character and main antagonist of Stephen king’s 1986 horror novel IT. The character is an demonic entity that preys upon the local children of Derry, Maine roughly every twenty-seven years. Using a variety of power that include the ability to shapeshift, manipulate, and go unnoticed by adults. King came up with the idea for Pennywise after asking himself what scared children ” more than anything else in the world”. which he...

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London attack

London (CNN)Four people were killed and scores injured when an attacker plowed a car through crowds in central London before attempting to storm the Houses of Parliament in what police believe was an act of Islamist-inspired terrorism. Police indicated they knew the identity of the assailant, who fatally stabbed unarmed police officer Keith Palmer, a 15-year-veteran, on the grounds of Parliament after ramming a car onto the crowded sidewalks nearby. Armed officers shot the attacker...

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