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new relases!

If you’re one of the many players who like to stay informed on the current game their on, these may spark an interest in the Clash Royale players. The Elite Barbarian Hut is a Rare Card coming up for the game update. Playing the card will cost nine Elixirs, and it will release two Elite Barbarians in the battle. The hut will also be much more durable than the regular Barbarian Hut. The Goblin Gun is another Rare Card that will cost four Elixirs to play. When deployed, the gun will shoot out a Goblin every one-and-a-half seconds over...

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Back to Nazis

On may 16th Activision released the new DLC 5 which has been a big hit for those who enjoy playing the zombie feature of the game. Some of the new additions that come with DLC include double XP, new community challeges, and free content such as weapon camo, new Gobble Gums, and zombie calling cards. Although those are not the main purpose of the DLC, they are some pretty good additions. The main purpose of this new DLC was the addition of maps to play on the Zombie mode. The maps that were added were maps that have been carried...

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Battle Tips As a new player, before going into battle, you must first become informed and prepared. Here are a few tips when getting started. Have variety in your deck, both offensive and defensive Don’t underestimate the “skarmy” and other hoards Don’t rush attacks view replays on TV royale for strategies Avoid too heavy decks some of the tanks you never want to allow to reach your tower: P.E.K.K.A, Sparky, Inferno dragon, and the balloon which is not so much of a tank but very powerful. What is Clash Royale? Clash Royale is a freemium mobile strategy video game...

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Destination: Spring Break!

One of the most anticipated time of the year is spring break, but it is until the week of spring break that you begin to realize you have no plans. Although there are many places and activities to do, there is one that exceeds them all. Rocky point is one of the most visited places when it comes to having a good time during spring break. Although it may be a pretty long drive, most can agree that it is worth it. Rocky point is located in Puerto Peñasco, Sonora, Mexico. You will need to cross the U.S. and Mexican...

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The Types

It's Interesting really There are millions of different people with distinct interests. Some people also share interest but the opinions and perspectives can be very different. Many people take interest in things such as sports, music, or even in education. Then there’s those of us who take interest in cars. Most people just know or identify them as “car guys” or “car girl”. Although that can be used as a general title, there are many different types of “car people”. Some of which you may like and other which you may already know about for their bad fame. Some...

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2:35 pm Be a Leader @ room 104
Be a Leader @ room 104
Jan 25 @ 2:35 pm
2:45 pm Drama @ room 205
Drama @ room 205
Jan 25 @ 2:45 pm