Author: maria pena


Pizza is a type of food many people like and some like me even love it. Pizza can have many different types of toppings. The most basic topping is pepperoni and also the most popular too.There are many different places where you can buy pizza for example; Little Caesars pizza, Pizza Hut, Dominos Pizza, Pizza Patron and others. 94 percent of  Americans eat pizza regularly. Did you know eating pizza once a week can reduce the risk of esophageal cancer? The first places in America to start selling pizza were New York,Boston,New Haven,Conn.,and Trenton,N.J..Pizza is...

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Should teachers not give out homework?

Homework is work your teacher usually gives you to do after school. Most students hate homework. Homework can be helpful to some, but it takes your free time away. Students may have things to do after school and not much time for homework. Some students are in sports and have practice after school. The students in sports or busy with other things have to go home and have homework to do and causes them to sleep late. Sleeping late just because  of staying up to do homework is horrible because now the next day they have to go to...

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Plan your week

Upcoming Events

2:40 pm Chess @ room 103
Chess @ room 103
Feb 20 @ 2:40 pm – 3:30 pm
2:40 pm Spoken Word @ room 906
Spoken Word @ room 906
Feb 20 @ 2:40 pm