Author: Luis Mora

top 5 things to buy on Cyber Monday

Cyber Monday is the Monday after thanksgiving, this Monday is used for company’s to make deals online. Some people say that Cyber Monday is starting to become more popular then black Friday. Today I will be showing you the top 5 things to buy on Cyber...

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Flash season 4

As we leave The Flash at the end of its third season finale, Savitar has been defeated, HR is dead, Caitlin has some of her marbles back, and Barry has been taken by the speed force.Now 3 years in a row with speedsters as villains and know this season the flash would be facing “The thinker”. This season’s villains will be some from previous seasons and the new ones will be from the speed force storm that Barry created before the season ended. The flash this time will not have to out run the Thinker but out think him. The flash season premier will air on October 10...

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Everybody Logic’s New Album

Early life Sir Robert Bryson Hall II or better known as Logic was born on January 22, 1990, in Gaithersburg, Maryland. Logic’s new album called Everybody this album has 12 songs most of them are over 4 minutes long and each song is either about race or how he’s feeling. Logic over all has 8 albums including Everybody.Everybody was released at May 5th 2017 the song that was released a couple weeks before the album is called Everybody which is the albums name. The song was a big hit with over 10 million views on you tube the first week. I recommend you listen to this album seeing that he number 1 on billboard 200 chart and it has some really good music even one that has the suicide prevention hotline as the...

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Call of duty World war 2

For the past 2 Months the online gaming community has been leaking a new call of duty game for 2017. Speculation was first C.O.D World at War 2 which is a new game continuing C.O.D world at war, but as more people started leaking new information the gamers now were convinced that Call of Duty World War 2 was going to be the game for 2017. Now the game is not a speculation: Activion, the creators of one of the most fan favorite game of Call of duty players, Black Ops 2 – released a new image of the...

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AZ teens are the most irresponsible in the country

According to the Youth Risk Behavior Survey, which has been conducted by the federal government every year since 1991, teenagers engage in risky behaviors far less often than ever before or they’ve just gotten better at lying about it. A new survey ranks Arizona teenagers number 1 in the nation when it comes to being irresponsible. The Youth Risk Behavior Surveillance System data, which is released by the federal government each year, looks at “six types of health risk behaviors that contribute to the leading causes of death and disability among youth and adults.”Some including Behaviors that contribute to...

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