Author: Luis Roman

Times Square Horror

This morning Thursday, May 18 a horrible event happened in New York’s Times Square.A car who was speeding jumped a curb and hit pedestrians, 13 to be exact and Reuters reported 1 death although the FDNY would not confirm any deaths.An NYPD source confirmed to Fox News that an unnamed individual had been taken into custody in the incident. would not confirm any deaths.Authorities have not yet said if the car was intentionally driven into a crowd or if the incident was accidental in nature. As many people near the “accident” said “We saw people laying on the sidewalk…with...

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Samsung Galaxy S8 Extra Durable

There has been a huge controversy, for the past years between two phone companies which are Apple and Samsung.There have been many tests on both of these companies’ phones and Samsung usually comes out on top with durability but was it that way this time? According to Samsung this Galaxy S8 is 99.9% durable against most things including fire. This will also include being water resistant, not water proof – no phone is quite there yet but they are pretty good at holding some water off. Drop it just right from a considerable height, have it land on a...

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Student Government Recruiting

Anyone out there in Maryvale High School can be or is already a leader and that is what student government is about.We are recruiting anyone who wants to experience the opportunity of being a student leader and what it is to be able to make the best for your own school.Being in Student Government is a really cool experience because first of all you meet a lot of new people on all the trips that are offered,you also get the opportunity to help the school with any problems or concerns to make it a better environment for the student...

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Harold Minuskin Holocaust Survivor

Harold Minuskin is a Holocaust survivor, but not only that he has also written the book  “My children, My heroes: Memoirs Of A Holocaust Mother.” From German occupation to years spent fighting with the Jewish partisans in the frigid woods along the Russian border — they lived in the woods to stay alive. By the summer of 1941, Nazi forces had invaded the village of Zhetel, now part of Belarus. Harold’s father, Sam, had heard of possible occupation, and had the foresight to dig a secret compartment beneath the family’s outhouse. “My father built the outhouse hiding place because...

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Mr.Yancey’s Guitar Class

We all know or at least heard of Mr.Yancey who is the guitar teacher over in the 400 building.He has been teaching guitar class for almost 20 years and he has enjoyed every bit of it.His expectations for the class and his students are sky high and he is very pleased with the hard work that his students put in up to now. Currently Mr.Yancey is in China and he does this for every trip – as he travels to the place to get to know it around so that when his kids travel he knows where to go...

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