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Who’s better Samsung or I phone

so there’s many people fighting about who’s better Samsung or apple and there those i phone fans and then there’s even Samsung fans but not that many. Well there the good thing’s about Samsung like wireless charging and something that apple will never have is a head phone jack and apple took that off on I phone 7 the I phone 6 had it when it came out and then a few years later apple made the I phone 7 and that’s when they said the head phone jack will be with the lighting port and then the phone...

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How is GTA 5 still a good game?

Unlike other games, the developers of GTA keep adding updates that have new things like cars, business, guns and new game modes. For example, Call of Duty only adds guns and not new maps or anything else.  In the GTA game, there are many new things to add and every time they add a new update it’s always going to be better then the last update. Rock Star is the game development company behind GTA so they deserve credit for this game and all the other great game to come out. GTA  Five also is one the best selling...

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The iPhone X – a gamechanger?

There’s a new phone coming to the market soon at almost the same time as the note 8 that will be released some time this year and that phone is going to change the iPhone game. It’s like none that you have ever seen Apple do before.  It’s their first step into the game because Samsung has been doing that for a while and its been working for Samsung. The new iPhone x is getting help from Samsung on the parts that Apple could not do in time and  Samsung agreed to help build the screens and some other...

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The Note 8 Is It Trash?

There’s a new phone coming to the market soon and it’s bigger and better but for some people they are scared because of last year’s problem with the Galaxy Note 7 – a phone that everyone knows for blowing up and burning peoples legs and thighs.Samsung has even made a video about them saying sorry and thanks for giving them a chance to impress you with their new phone that they insist 100% that will not blow up.The note 8 is the biggest screen with the best resolution to be put on a phone and it has a headphone jack unlike other...

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