Author: Kevin Sotelo

Damien Lillard and CJ Mccollum

Damien Lillard is one of the best point guards in the franchise. He could score from any where, he is difficult to guard in the NBA. I really believe he is a future MVP in the NBA, he has a lot of potential to do something great in the NBA. Lillard gets really hot it’s hard to stop him. Sometimes the opposing defense don’t even try any more – that’s why the commentators say “it’s Lillard time” – he’s about to put on a show. That’s why I think: Lillard is going to be something big in the franchise...

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Cavs Versus Warriors

I believe the Cavs are going to make it to the NBA finals because they have been dominating the playoffs so far and it looks like nobody could stop them right now – their offense and defense are too strong. I think the Warriors are going to make it to the NBA finals because the Spurs are in trouble. They lost Kahwi Leonard and Tony Parker and they have no chance to beat the best NBA team in the League right now. I think the Cavilers are going to win it all because there’s no stopping Lebron James and...

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NBA Draft

My prediction is that Marquez Fultz is going to get drafted to the Phoenix Suns in the 4th pick. I believe that Marquez is going to get drafted by the Suns because Brandon Knight is not doing really well as a back up for Eric Bledsoe  so the Suns are looking for a new back up point guard. Lonzo Ball is a really good player and the 76ers are only a starting point guard away from being a playoff team, so the 76ers are going to draft Lonzo Ball as the 2nd pick in the NBA. The Boston Celtics...

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Golden State Warriors

Stephen Curry is one of the best three point shooters in the NBA. Stephen Curry broke the NBA record of the most three-pointers in a game. He won the MVP two times in a row and he led his team to an NBA championship.  He made the all star team for the fourth time straight. Last year, Stephen Curry and his team broke the Bulls’ record 72-10 and the Golden State Warriors went 73-9, the best record in the NBA. Klay Thompson scored his career high this season with 60 points in 3 quarters. Klay Thompson scored 37 points...

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NFL Playoffs

The Seattle Seahawks eliminated the Lions in the 1st round in the playoffs. The score was 26-6.  Now the Seattle Seahawks are  in the NFC Semi Finals against the Atalanta Falcons in the semi finals. The Green Bay Packers beat the New York Giants with a score of 38-13.  The Green Bay Packers are now moving to the NFC semi finals against the Dallas Cowboys in the semi finals.The Houston Texans beat the Oakland Raiders. The score was 27-14 now and the Houston Texans are moving to the AFC semi finals against the New England Patriots in the AFC...

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