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What’s next for Academic Decathlon?

The district tournament has passed. Now it’s time to look forward to Regionals and State. The regional competition is February 3-4 while the state competition is held on March 10-11. During this time, the students are reviewing their given materials and making any needed revisions to their prepared speeches. The topic is World War II, the packets issued out by the United States Academic Decathlon Association will be the information each participant is tested on.   Like the district tournament, students will be tested on their memorization of the packets as well as deliver a prepared speech. Maryvale hopes to place in third or higher in order to be admitted and go to State. Who will take home the gold, silver, or...

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Creative Writing Seminar

Enjoy writing in your spare time? The Creative Writing Seminar is one of our offered clubs on campus and looking for more members. Clubs meetings are conducted every Monday after school in the library and sponsored by our librarian, Ms. Kilker. Membership is available to anyone who would like to join. The goal for this semester is to create a short story in the first person narrative. Students will have the opportunity to be involved in the writing process. This includes designing a character sketch, establishing a setting and creating a plot. After these tasks are completed, students involved in the club will then start creating rough drafts of their stories. The submitted stories will enter a competition where students are eligible to win scholarship money. For participating in the club each session, you will receive a slip for extra credit in English as well as snacks. Hope to see you...

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Wait, what’s going on Wednesday?

Tomorrow at 7:30 AM, students will begin testing. Any freshman who needs to make up the RAVEN test received a lavender invite with where to go. Sophmores will take the Pre-ACT and travel to a room designated by their Advisory teacher. Advisory teachers informed their juniors and seniors who must make up the Civics Test where to report to for their testing. If any of the students who need to test do not bring their schedule, or do not know the room number, Security and Admin will be outside ready to help.   The schedule will look much different. The testing session will end at 11:20 AM with a 40-minute lunch period ending at 12:05 PM. Students will not go to advisory after 3rd period.   Wednesday’s Schedule:   Period 1   12:10-12:30 PM (20 minutes) Period 2  12:35-12:55 PM (20 minutes) Period 3  1:00-1:20 PM (20 minutes) Period 5/6  1:25-1:45 PM (20 minutes) Period 7  1:50-2:10 PM (20 minutes) Period 8  2:15-2:35 PM (20 minutes) Period 9  2:40-3:00 PM (20 minutes) Period 10 (ESO 1)  1:50-2:50 PM (60 minutes) Period 11 (ESO 2)  2:55-3:55 PM (60...

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Be A Leader Club

The Be A Leader Club is more than just taking part in or leading every community project/event. It’s also about taking the initiative for your future. And by future, this means college. Being involved in this club will boost your awareness and readiness for college.   The program is primarily student ran and holds its meetings on Thursday in Room 725 from around 2:30-3:30. Among the club’s members are Ms. Susana Romo and Mr. Mario López, the club sponsors. Monthly, there is a student workshop at the ASU Downtown Campus. The next upcoming event is October 8, and the discussion is “Cash For College Roadmap”; knowing how to apply for the FAFSA is an important part in planning for college.   If you would like to know more about the foundation and its purpose,...

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Homecoming Magic

Homecoming, a time where school spirit is reawakened and highly encouraged by both students and the staff. Our Student Government has generated yet another fun, and exciting theme for our annual Homecoming: magic. Not just any magic, but the magical world of all things Disney. The week starts Monday, tomorrow, and comes to a conclusion with Saturday’s dance at 7:00 p.m.   Spirit Week The magical week is kicked off with College Day. Come to school and celebrate any college by wearing its colors. Following Monday’s College Day is Tuesday’s Disney Dressup. Dazzle and entertain your fellow classmates by dressing up as your favorite Disney character. Pick from characters ranging from older films to the newest ones, e.g. Peter Pan to Frozen. Wednesday is Lilo & Stitch‘s Luau, which means Hawaiian wear. Show up in your best flower designed clothing and a pair of flip-flops. Saddle up, grab your western boots, and tip your cowboy hat because Thursday is Woody’s Western Roundup. Complete your Western outfit with a pair of knee-ripped jeans and a plain T-shirt with a leather vest. Last but not least, Friday is Crazy Black and Gold. Wear your darkest black and your brightest gold to school and support our Maryvale’s Football team as they go up against Carl Hayden.   Activities Student Government has also incorporated several different activities at lunch throughout the week. Tomorrow, during both lunches, a basketball obstacle...

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Be a Leader @ room 104
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