Author: Gracie Marie

What Shoes Are In

Okay so everybody wears shoes, right? But which ones are the most popular? And Christmas is coming up so you can get your friends and family shoes. These are my top 3 favorite shoes right now. 1.)Huarache            3.)Nike Air Max  2.)Adidas Originals Tubular                     These are some of the most popular shoes of 2017, and some of the most popular  shoes worn at Maryvale High...

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Girls Basketball Schedule

I’m giving you all the home games in advance for girls basketball. The season has started and we are very excited for our games. The Varsity girls basketball team plans on going to state, so our coach Zon Thompson can shave his beard. Tuesday, November 28th, Is against Camelback H.S. Thursday, December 7th, is against Betty H Fairfax H.S. Tuesday, January 9th, is against North H.S. Thursday, January 11th, is against Dobson H.S. Friday, January 19th, is against Cesar Chavez H.S. Tuesday, January 23rd, is against Alhambra H.S. Thursday, January 25th, is against Central H.S. Last but not least...

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Girls Basketball Tryouts

Halloween is coming but, girls basketball players will not be going trick or treating. They will be in the gym trying out for basketball. At least if they are committed they will be there. The Basketball team has five coaches there to support and help you, including the head coach Zon Thompson. From experience I can tell you that these coaches will help you with whatever you need. If you do make the team you need to have all your grades over a 70%, so if you can’t keep that then you need to rethink trying out. If you...

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10 Things to do before Homecoming

What do you need to do before Homecoming? Get a corsage for your date Pick out the perfect outfit Buy the tickets Figure out car rides Do your hair and girls do your makeup Figure out what you’re going to do after Homecoming Take a shower Calm down Go to the football game Get a date This is what you  need to do to get ready for Homecoming. Hope you have...

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Maryvale Girls Volleyball

This is the 2017 volleyball season, for freshmen, junior varsity, and varsity. What do you think the season will look like? I will be asking one person from each level what they expect from this season. First, from the freshmen team I have Rickiya Mims. She said the best game they have had so far is “the Cesar Chavez game.” Rickiya also says ” to win our next game we need to communicate and pass better.”  The biggest impact on her team in her opinion is player  Zelia Ibarra. But the thing she said that stood out to me is that “our coach believes in us even when we don’t believe in our selves.” She appreciates her coach just as all of us should. Second, from the JV team is Isabella Zubia. Isabella Zubia says that her team is going to have a good season because “the JV team is really compatible with each other”. Zubia also thinks that “Rose Estby is the biggest impact on the team because she never gives up and she’s very skilled”. But my favorite part of what she said was “Every game is going to be a challenge but if we communicate like we are supposed to then we will have a better chance of winning.” Last but not least, I spoke with Lydiana Tavizon from the Varsity team. Lydiana said that “the...

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