Author: Erin Whyte

Summer School for credit

Hey Maryvale students ! are you failing any of your classes this semester and think you are just completely screwed? If that’s the case then you should probably think about joining summer school. I know the whole idea of summer school doesn’t sound fun at all but trust me it is worth it. This is a credit recovery course so that means that you still do have a chance to make sure you stay on track for graduation. And no this doesn’t mean that this could be your reason to just not do your school work this is just one way you can bring your grades back up. Think of summer school as your second chance at passing. Summer school is only 1 month and depending on what hours you signed up for you wont be at school all day. I hope this was helpful to some of your guys...

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B.S.U Presents The HBCU Tour Trip

This spring Maryvale High Schools very own Black Student Union (BSU) is hosting a trip to visit historically black collages / universities. As of right now we are told that we will be visiting 4 different states. we will be going to Texas , Louisianan , Mississippi and some places in the east coast. The point of this trip is to expand your options. If you are apart of our schools Black Student Union and it is something that you would be looking forward to going further into it then this would really be a great trip for you. If you have more questions or concerns about the trip or the prices please contact Ms. Burell. we will be traveling by plane so if you are interested please let any member of our black student union or Ms Burell know as soon as possible.We look forward to seeing all of you guys ! Ps. You do not have to be black to join...

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Summer is Approaching !!

As we all know our school year is quickly coming to an end and I can bet that we are all very excited and eager to go and get some sleep and summer sun. While lounging in the sun could be very dangerous in Arizona there are lots of other things that you could do this summer to stay cool and have fun all at the same time. here are 5 top ideas that people love to do during theses hot Arizona summers. 1. Community pools 2. Water Amusement parks 3.  Lakes / Rivers 4. Friendly water balloon fights (at a park or home ) 5. Place that stay air conditioned regularly The sun is good at times but it can also be extremely harmful if your in it for to long. Have you ever heard of sun burn , or getting ” Tanned ” ? All theses things happen because of  to much sun exposure. Some ways to protect your self from Arizonans high levels of heat. 1. Wear sun screen 2. Try not to stay exposed to the sun for long periods of time 3. Wear clothing that will protect your skin from direct sunlight I hope some of theses tip for summer were helpful to someone reading this...

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Black Student Union Presents “Lets Talk About It”

Recently the Black Student Union (BSU)  hosted a show called ” Lets Talk About It ” which was filled with tons of different acts. In the show there was lots of spoken word , some video clips , and a stunning performance for our very own First Generation Step Team. The point of this show was to cover some very important topics and questions that have been going around in the black community and also in every other community’s around the world. Some points that were gone over in this portion of the show were Black lives matter movement Hands up don’t shoot Police brutality Some good gangs ( helpful to the community ) There will be another show taking place in May.. We hope to answer more questions and go in to more topics in this latter show We really hope everyone enjoyed our Part 1 and is looking forward to our Part...

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Step Team Tryouts !

Hello Maryvale students, Tuesday March 22 –  Thursday March 24 Our very own First Generation Step Team will be holding tryouts ! When ? –  After school  ( 2:45 pm to 4:00 pm ) Where ? – Location will be released the day before Please come prepared and ready to learn new things. We would really love to see lots of new faces ! What do you need? – You will need a change of comfortable clothes to move around in and some comfortable shoes to step in – Please bring some water Tryouts will be held on Wednesday and Thursday and Friday will be Judgement day If there are any questions please contact any member of the existing step team or our captain Ka’meise Bickham...

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