Author: Destinee Rodriguez

Reinventing yourself

People are always talking about how they’re “tired” of doing the same old thing. They’re tired of having the same routine for example, going to the grocery store every Wednesday or playing bingo every Friday. People want change and who can blame them because sometimes change is good and for the better but a lot of the time we ask ourselves how do we change? what do we change? even questions like when do we change? and why should we change? Change is a scary process. Change is when you transition from an old habit to form a new...

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Activities to do for thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is approaching slowly and families are going to be gathering around the table to give thanks to one another but what about the people who don’t have plans? Here are a few things you could do to celebrate Thanksgiving. Although it might sound boring, you could volunteer by teaming up with friends or some family members and provide meals for people in need like the homeless or less fortunate people. Another thing you could do is maybe gather your family and have a football night, or a BBQ or a scavenger hunt, offering small prizes or treats. Last...

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Procrastination is the friend you know is a bad influence and you probably shouldn’t be hanging out with but you do anyway because why not? Procrastination is choosing pleasure over work because you swear you’ll get it done tomorrow and the next thing you know it’s the deadline and you’re rushing to finish, kind of like i’m doing right now. But we won’t worry about that because the point is we’re all suckers when it comes to procrastination. I always think of possible ways to avoid procrastination like for example getting my work done ahead of time or doing...

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Heart Break?

I recently looked up heart break and the first thing that popped up was over whelming distress. What do you think of when you hear the words “overwhelming distress”? Do you think of too much homework? Do you think of too many chores? do you think of too much anxiety? Well, overwhelming means overpowering and overpowering means very strong. Distress means agony and agony means suffering, I guess I’m just trying to figure out if all these words and meanings are appropriate terms for trying to truly comprehend what heartbreak is.  As cliché as this may sound, I don’t...

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