Author: Kevin Sotelo

Predictions for the 2016-17 NBA season

The NBA season started on October 25. This season promises to be crazy with good teams playing horrible and bad team playing well. Here are my thoughts for the season. Blazers: The Blazers have a strong roster including good players which they obtained from free agent. The blazers are also one of the few teams categorized as a “Playoff team.” Warrios: The Warrios posses Kevin Durant which is known as one of the best NBA player in free agent. The Warrios also drafted good players in the NBA draft. The Warrios have a chance to make it to the finals again. Cavilers: The Cavilers are the NBA champions; in one of their games, they were down 3-1 and they beat the best NBA team the Warrios making a came back and becoming the first team to come back from a 3-1 lead. I expect them to do good again. Lakers: The Lakers won their first game against the Rockets. The Rockets are a tough team to beat for as bad of a team like the Laker. I think the Lakers might have a good chance to make it to the playoff. Also, the Lakers drafted Bradom Ingram. Suns:The Suns are doing really bad; they lost a big portion of good player. The suns could have made it to the playoff If they didn’t trade all their good players such...

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The Seahawks are one of the best football teams because they have the number 1 defensive team in the world, because they have good stats on their defense,  and their offense has good receivers, tight ends and running backs. The Seahawks are better then the Cardinals because they have a Super Bowl championship and the Cardnials don’t.  At Super Bowl 48, the Seahawks won 43-8. The Cardinals had a chance against the Steelers but the Steelers had a better team and the Seahawks went against the Super Bowl 50 champion Denver Broncos.The Seahawks won their second Super Bowl. The Seahawks play against the Miami Dolphins this Sunday. I predict that the Seahawks are going to beat the Dolphins because the Dolphins’ offense isn’t better than the Seahawks’ defense so its going to be a easy win. The Seahawks have a smart team that’s why they always make it to the...

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