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You can have McDonald’s deliver to your door!!

On Wednesday McDonald’s announced their team up with UberEATS, an app where people deliver the food you want, the app general charges a fee of $4.99 depending on the city you are in. Delivery is available over a hundreds of restaurants, like in Los Angeles, Chicago, Columbus, Phoenix, Arizona, and Florida, McDonald’s started to test out the service on January. It has a very high result of satisfy costumer, which is mostly young people, because there more willing to pay to have food brought to their door, according to the Chicago Tribune. Would do you think smart idea or it make people lazier?      ...

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A Man Claimed To Found A Mouse In His Soda Can!!!

In South Dakota a man sued Coca-Cola. for claiming to get ill from the soda can that had a mouse in it. He said he wasted 60 hours of work when collecting 1,000 dollars for his hospital bill, the man took Coca-Cola to court where the Coca-Cola. attorney said it couldn’t be possible because it would of been in more advance stages, the attorney countiued with, “this may had happen when bottling”. This man was asking for a $2,026, plus any damage proven at the court with interest. He sued Coca-Cola. Under the law they past in South Dakota that allows certain of cases to be handle quicker.Coca-Cola Is facing a case that is attacking its...

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Teen choked for blocking a woman’s view

In Orlando, Florida a women name Tabbatha Kay Mature of Baltimore, Michigan was accused of child abuse. Authorities say a teenager who refused to sit down during a fireworks display at Disney’s Magic Kingdom and the woman was choking the teenager. The Orlando Sentinel reported that the woman, “became aggravated” when the teenager wouldn’t sit down as she asked to see the fireworks, after they knew it the women had her hands wrapped around the teenager neck and squeezed. The teenager was injured and the women was arrested then released from jail on a $2,000 bond.  Be careful – even in happiest place on earth, you could end up having the worst...

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Pink Tap Water??

Bright pink water came out of faucet earlier this week in a small Canadian town called Onoway, due to a faulty valve that allow disinfected potassium permanganate into the water supply. The residents were alarmed by the color of the water. Potassium permanganate is a chemical that helps protect are water we drink from minerals to invasive species. Potassium permanganate can be toxic at high concentrations, but no residents were reported harm by this incident, This incident was found out when a resident posted pictures on social media of the bright pink water coming out of their sink, tub, and toilette, were mayor, Dale Krasnow respond to the incident saying, “one we realized this substance had gotten beyond our reservoir and into are distribution lines Public Works immediately commenced flushing of all our distribution lines thought the town,” he post this online followed by “unfortunately our distribution system is a loop system which makes it much more difficult to control and isolate the water flow.” With that Krasnow assured residents their water would be clear up within a few days, also stating ” This situation we can certainly learn from and develop a strategy for better response and communication should we ever face the same or similar situation in the future,” he...

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Canelo Alvarez VS. Julio Cesar Chavez

Golden Boys promotion announced Canelo Alvarez and Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. boxing match, in may 6 ,2017 in the HBO pay-per-view event in T-Mobile Arena in Paradise , Nevada , part of the Las Vegas metropolitan area. Where Alvarez said, ” I plan to shut him up,” through Golden Boys president Eric Gomez. If your a boxing fan you probably know who they are and if not well here is some of their background , Canelo Alvarez is a 26 year old professional boxer well know for WBO light middleweight tittle since 2016 , as well in the Ring magazine and lineal middleweight since 2015 , which in December 2016 ,Canelo  Alvarez was ranked as the world’s best boxer , pound for pound , by BoxBec , eight by The Ring , and lastly tenth by the Transnational Boxing Ranking Board. Canelo Alvarez real name is Santos Saul Alvarez Barragan but he is really know by his nickname Canelo , his nationality is Mexican , Canelo total fights are 50 , his wins are 48 , his wins by KO are 34 , his draws are one , and his losses is one , which is very impressive. Julio Cesar Chavez jr. is not only know because of his dad , he is a professional boxer that held the WBC middlewieght title since 2011 to 2012 , rated by Light middleweight , Middle weight ,...

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