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Day of Silence

  The Day of silence is a day where teenagers from all across the country take a vow to stay silent. This is to call attention to Anti-LGBTQ behavior. For example, name calling, bullying or any harassment. On April 21st, the silence of your classmates will be used as a means of ‘speaking out’ against these negative behaviors.  One of the many clubs we have here at Maryvale is The Gay-Straight Alliance, who will also be participating in the Day Of Silence. It not only limited to only them; you may also join along to support LGBTQ students. This...

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Deadpool 2 trailer

If you watch Logan this weekend then you probably saw the new trailer for Deadpool 2. In which we see the many reason of why we just love watching Deadpool. A character like no other Marvel hero. Well Deadpool isnt exactly a “Hero” .He like a Hero mixed with a little bit villains. With the funny stunt of him needing to have his outfit on before saving the man in the ally. Even going as far as to answer someone phone call. To bad the man was shot and killed before he could save him.Oops. Not exactly a rated Pg 13, yet a great must watch film. The hilarious moment we see in those few short minutes are all that get me exited just to see the movie.  Deadpool is a very original character which is just unlike the other. I can’t watch to watch the new movie, “Deadpool...

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Trailer for new Super Mario Game,” Super Mario: Odyssey”

This new game was introduced to us in a press conference for Nintendo Switch. In which Mario is put into our very own world. Well, more of a replica. Take place in “New Donk City” which is suppose to be New York city.  In New Donk City, Donkey Kong is the leader and he rules over all the human there. Another thing that was show in the Trailer is a billboard/poster that show Bowser in a white tux with Princess Peach in a wedding gown.  Princess peach of course looking very objective to the idea. There was so much...

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Border wall, Border war

Trump says “Production on wall will start in a few months”. What most people are asking is who going to fund this idea? Trump wants Mexico to pay for the wall’s construction. “Pay for wall or don’t come to any meetings” was  Trump’s message to Mexico. Mexico’s response to all this madness was “Mexico offers and demands respect as the fully sovereign nation we are.” Mexican president Enrique Pena Nieto  has no intentions of paying  for a wall along its northern border. The sparring has begun for both Presidents. A meeting  that The Mexican President has refused to attend would have had them trying to find common ground. The meeting was cancelled by the Mexican president after Trump tweeted about his intentions. The Mexican president doesn’t want to pay for the walls, saying “Instead of bringing our nations together, you divide...

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Did trump Win because of Russia?

Roomer going around is that Trump was help out in the election specifically Russia’s President Vladimir Putin. Not much info is know as of right now. Yet, does Hillary still have a chance to win. Well The congress is going to make the official President decision on January 6,2017. Who do you think is going to win. To find out more Click here...

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