Author: Christopher Patino

BattleField 1

BattleField 1 is a first person shooter that takes place in WW1. The game was developed by EA Dice,the designer of this game is Daniel Berlin,publisher is Electronic Arts. This years battlefield is going to be exciting with the single player doing what most other games don’t do is multiple characters in the single player you can choose between character to play.And the multiplayer you play a different army depending on the map you play on.The games release October...

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Destiny New DLC Rise of Iron

Destiny was a big hit on its release date back in September 9,2014 and there are plenty of updates,bug fixes, patches for glitches,and 3 other DLC. And now on September 20,2016 they are releasing another DLC by the name of The Rise of Iron.This DlC features a new raid,strike,crucible map and game mode,exotics,,and new sets of iron banner and trials gear.The Rise Of Iron is about the journey into a area in the Cosmodrone called The Plague Lands it has been quarantine for centuries.The Devil Splicers have broken in and dug into the earth and found a technology of limitless power named SIVA they are using this power to morph their bodies for their own needs.So to stop them you and Lord Saladin go on a journey to stop the fallen from taking over the Cosmodrone.  ...

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