Author: Bryan Murrieta

Net Neutrality

The official announcement that net neutrality will be effecting us is out. Many people are terrifed sice you will now need to pay more for the things you love. A google search can be 1.99 per search, 9.99 per movie on Netflix? This can affect many people because some people dont have the money to pay for extra things that we all enjoy. Net Neutrality is a horrible decision, it should not even be considered to be...

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Should Voting be For Younger Ages?

Selecting your new country leader is extremely important, but when younger peoples’ opinion isn’t counted then that is a problem. People who are 18 and older and are American citizens are allowed to vote, but someone that is 17, 16, 15, or 14 is not allowed to vote which really makes no sense. Since when does that opinion not count? We have to suffer the consequences that other people choose for us, and that is not fair. At times the ones that don’t vote are the ones that are effected the most. Its basically someone having a huge advantage...

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Should Prisoners be Given an Education?

Prisoners will spend most of their lives in captivity, with mainly nothing to do but eat, sleep, work out, and play on the courts. What if a prisoner that is soon to leave the prison wants to do something with their life? Without an education, they won’t have the knowledge to do as they desire. If prisoners were given an education that would be different, they will have the  knowledge to become something and regenerate their lost life. That would make such a difference, they will know how much there is to live of life instead of getting into...

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Is Snapchat Dangerous?

Snapchat is a fun way to communicate with your family and friends to share events, important information and many more interesting things. However how people are using it now is truly inappropriate and we need to take precautions. Snapchat has a new update called snap maps which allows you to view any of your friends at the given moment that they are located in. This can be truly dangerous, in this cruel world there are many stalkers and predators that attempt to lure children in. We need to know who we are adding on social media and please go in ghost mode. Ghost mode allows you to stay private which doesn’t let anyone see your location. Do you really want strangers to know where you are at? Being aware of what you do and what you post on Snapchat is also very serious. People have the ability to screenshot which goes to their camera roll and only they can delete it. We are not aware of how that can harm us, it can be important information or anything that can harm a person. Some people find amusement of seeing people suffer and that is totally inhumane. Realizing that one of your most favorite apps is actually dangerous can make someone be more aware and have a different mindset. Let’s all be aware of the dangers that Snapchat holds beneath...

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Guns Being Used For Bad Purposes

Guns are being used for more devastating actions than for necessary defensive actions. Guns should be used in times of threat and danger, not for threatening people and committing horrendous crimes. As time evolves more and more domestic and horrid crimes are stepping into the spotlight. Many deaths are caused by suicide with guns. If a gun is in near reach during depression, or when a person can’t take it any longer then they are more likely commit suicide with the gun. “More than 60 percent of people in this country who die from guns die by suicide,” according...

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