Author: Briana Calixto

Gender blender

This years spirit week had a day where seniors could dress up as the opposite gender. Sounds like fun doesn’t it ? Many of our seniors on campus did enjoy the fact that they could be the opposite gender for a day . Now Gender blender has been a must in the Senior Spirit week yet there was controversy in the way we see this day. To many its just a day where the those who don’t usually wear guy clothes do and they also add a hint of facial hair. On the other hand guys tend to wear...

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Senior Club

Maryvale Senior club This year Maryvale’s Senior Class have been amazing us with their events. This club revolves around all the seniors, they plan everything from our spirit weeks to senior night and to our senior sunrise to our senior sunset! This club is very hardworking. We talked to an insider about what senior club is about, Mara Chavez  ” what senior class is, it is a club that brings the class together and gives them the best year that they’ve had, to make it so memorable, and that is what senior club is all about Memory and remembering...

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Maryvale Dragon Boat Race

Maryvale Dragon boat Maryvale came in second place racing in the Dragon boat race that happened Saturday March 25. It was the 14th annual dragon boat festival @ Tempe town lake. Our Maryvale team went up against North High school and JAWS from California. Fun Fact – North High school has been dragon boat racing for 7 years yet Maryvale had only entered this year for fun. Maryvale came in second within seconds North was behind (time 3:03:37)- Maryvale and North at (time 2:42:51). Dragon boating consist of ten rowers on each side there is also a drummer who makes the...

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Intro Theater

Theater Class One of the most considered fun classes is Theater. What is theater about? Can it be for anyone? And What makes theater so great? I recently Interviewed students from Introductory Theater class in order help assist those who are debating their classes for the future. As I interviewed these students I got a feeling of their personalities and how they felt about the class itself. The students and the class had so much energy as I did a walk through – unlike some other classes,  every one participated. Theater is a great class for those who want to...

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Love Rocks

Earth Club Love rocks ! Earth club is showing the love by selling Love Rocks!!! This is an idea that the Earths club sponsor created. The love rocks that are being sold are decorated individually by hand and where being sold during both lunches all spirit week. What if you didn’t like the rocks that were pre made ? Well you had the chance to actually make your own Love rock at no cost after school in room 727. The love rocks where sold in different packages at very affordable prince . Why buy a rose when you can...

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