Author: Angel Rubio

Why is Obesity Such a Big Issue?

Obesity is not something you haven’t heard of. It’s slowly but surely becoming an epidemic. Obesity is for sure not a black death thing but it’s a big health issue. Obesity can lead to many health problems such as  high blood pressure, heart disease, liver disease, stroke, arthritis, kidney disease, gallbladder disease, mental health, Alzheimer’s disease, and most prominent, Diabetes. Many people refer to words such as a epidemic or a worldwide crisis but in all honesty what other way is there to explain the problem with obesity? According to the latest numbers from the Centers for Disease Control and...

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What I Think about Net Neutrality.

On Thursday, December 14, The Federal Communications Center (FCC) ignores the American wishes and repeals Net Neutrality. With the internet completely gone for me now I guess I can say bye bye to everyone. Just kidding but with the disappearance of Net Neutrality, you ponder to the internet gods, ” Now What?” You see, now you’ll have to pay for packages for simple things like entertainment, social media, E.T.C. or  as predicted we might have to do that. The FCC chairman doesn’t want us to be happy. He’s basically the Grinch who stole Christmas. I have something to say...

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LeBron James’ First Ejection In His NBA Career.

Recently, Cleveland Cavaliers star LeBron James got hit with the first ejection of his NBA career. It’s pretty surprising for his 15 year career and 1,082 career games. His ejection happened on Tuesday night on the 108-97 win over the Miami Heat. James was playing his 1,082nd career game with the Cavs leading 93-70 over the heat and 1:59 seconds left on the clock of the third quarter. After stealing the ball, James starting dribbling towards the hoop and missed a layup and tried to blame it on the Heat’s forward, James Johnson for fouling him. Then after Fitzgerald...

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10 do’s and don’ts for Halloween!

So Halloween is right around the corner and you are pretty surprised how fast it came. you are pretty stoked to get all the candy you can get.In this list of do’s and don’ts for Halloween I can show you how your can improve your Halloween! 1.DON’T do a last minute costume! Doing a last minute costume puts you in a rush and you won’t be able to be creative for Halloween. 2.DO go to the more rich neighborhoods. The more rich neighborhoods might have some full candy bars and I mean, who doesn’t want that! 3.DON’T Cover your house...

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How successful is Amazon?

  There are endless possibilities to buy on online shopping and there are many companies that specialize in online shopping. There is Alibaba, Walmart, Ebay, and the world’s no 1 ecommerce store in the world Amazon. Most of us have at least heard of Amazon or maybe even bought something from there and it’s pretty incredible how fast Amazon grew. But how successful is it? According to ISLR: “Today, half of all U.S. households are subscribed to the membership program Amazon Prime, half of all online shopping searches start directly on Amazon, and Amazon captures nearly one in every two...

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