Author: Adrian Duran

The perils of being a dude at Maryvale

At Maryvale High School it’s normal to see the boys’ restrooms locked. This might be a new thing to you but I want you to know about a horror that males in particular have to go through. Let me begin this article by explaining how terrible the bathroom situation is for male students here at MHS.  Most of the time the men’s restrooms are closed or aren’t even working, prompting us to go waste time to find another one. I HATE when the bathrooms are locked but what I hate more than anything is the bathrooms that have one...

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The Liberal Agenda; Toxicity

Liberalism is going on around us every day whether it be the friend that claims the government should fix their hardships or is responsible for their hardships or some protest on TV that claims their 15th gender should have its own bathroom. Personally I think liberals are what’s holding this generation down with a ball and a chain. Liberal beliefs are hard to explain so I’ll give some examples: Liberals believe that the government is supposed to give everyone equal opportunities and hold them responsible for those who aren’t given these opportunities. Liberals are also infamous for blaming the...

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What is Soundcloud?

Soundcloud is a multimedia music streaming site where anyone can listen and upload music. With more than 175 million monthly listeners Soundcloud is the most popular music site above Spotify and Apple music. Being responsible for many artists’ fame and fortune Soundcloud, generates their revenue from offering monthly subscriptions. They charge Android users $9.99 per month and Apple users $12.99 per month. Recently, Soundcloud introduced two new revenue models. The first revenue model is set up by only certain Soundcloud artists in the U.S can monetize their pages with ads as long as the share a percentage of the...

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Know Your Rights

In 2017 with everything going on these days its nice to be reminded of what rights you have and don’t have in the USA. People are familiar with freedom of speech of the first amendment, that’s as far as some people will go. But the Bill of Rights includes the first ten amendments of the Constitution, not just the first. By reading this article it can help you to be understand your rights in certain predicaments. Amendments, by definition, are changes to the Constitution. As explained above, the first 10 of the 27 amendments are the Bill of Rights....

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Medical Marijuana: Good or Bad?

Ever since the early to mid 1900’s marijuana has been a controversial topic in America. Known in America as: THC,Weed,Grass, and certain selling techniques have it called ‘dime’ or ‘gram’. Now very common in the U.S with hundreds to thousands of strains doctors have found great medical uses for it but whether the morality of it outweighs the benefits is hard to tell. There are many pros to medical marijuana, one of the major ones includes its uses within cancer research and cancer patients themselves. Cancer patients often have to go through Chemotherapy that combats cancer cells , but...

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