Its the time of the year when college and high schools students are graduating this month. Many High school students wonder if they should go to college and if they should get there degree in college. If you decide to go to college and you know what to major in then you probably want to decide what degree do you want to get. There  is 3 types of degrees you can get in college Associate, Bachelor’s and a Master’s and there is a forth one if you go into the medical field. Many things keep students from wanting to go to college like students today are paying more to attend college and earning less when they graduate this probably will discourage many students from attending. Many people  have different opinions on getting a degree in college  here are a couple of different answers Ryan Guina said “College is overrated. There, I said something you’ve probably suspected since you were in high school and may have confirmed several years after you entered the workforce. You probably know many people who excelled in college and can barely string together a cohesive thought. And you probably know many successful people who never went to college, barely made it through college, or work in a field unrelated to their degree”. Andrew Syrios said “Education is important, no question about that. However, considering our ever-changing world and new technology, there are many learning options. There are options that won’t leave you with a big lump of debt for the rest of your life.” so both Andrew And Ryan have different opinions on getting a degree. Getting a College degree is worth it to many people. Since 2013 41% of students have got a degree in secondary school this is low because of student debts or maybe students may of just not think it was worth getting there degree. In my opinion i don’t think its worth getting a degree well there is a couple of different reasons the first one is You can search everything online about the degree you want to study in college and is not worth the time to go to school when you could just do it on your own. my second reason is I dont think its worth the money to go get a degree and go get in debt because many students have to go and get student loans to pay the college and then they go in debt.