Art is the process of showing human creativity in forms such as painting or sculptures. Not everyone likes art. However, there are some that are involved with art in their daily lives, while others avoid it completely. I decided to go and interview random individuals to ask them why people who do not enjoy art or even attempted to get into it should get involved in it. I’ve received many responses and they have been supportive of why people should get into it. We will start with Matthew Lopez. Note that I have asked all of these individuals the same  questions. The first question that I have asked was “do you think that anyone can get into art?” Matthew’s response was “yes because the art is in the eye of the beholder” which means that we all have the skill hidden inside of us. I also asked him if art can be anything, and he said yes, “art can be pretty much anything, its not bound to one thing”. I then asked him if art can be a job? He then responded with “yes if it exists, it can be a job”. The next question was do you know anyone who does art? His response was “yes, friends and family”. Next was how often do you do art? His response was “once a week or so”. By Matthew”s answers I saw that he isn’t a person who is really into art but does believe that anyone can do it. 

 I then began asking another individuals these same questions. The next person was Ruby. My first question was answered with the following: “Yes, because art can be anything you want and is not limited to anything.”  and can art be anything? She responded with “yes because the materials don’t make that art but the artists itself.” Next can art be a job? she says “yes it can be a job if people choose to take it to the next level.” As you see they have been very supportive of the ideas in the art field.

I have had some thoughts as well as to why students should be more involved in art. My thoughts are that it would be great for students to get involved for the reasons that have already been addressed. However, in my mind i see it as an opportunity for everyone to see what their creative mind can do and what can come from their heart. Of course it may not be easy, but if a person can push themselves to discover something new and begin experimenting with their ideas or passions, anyone can create art! There is always something that can inspire someone just as long as they look for it. Heck, maybe they’ve already found it but are just not sure what to do with it. At last, these interviews with random individual students helped support the idea that students should engage themselves more in Art.