Corridos are a type of Mexican style music that most of the Mexican culture listen to. They mostly describe historical events that happened throughout the singers life or someones life he wrote about. Just like the rap industry had a new wave known as “Mumble rap”, Corridos also have a new wave that is getting a lot of attention. This new style is now known as “Trap Corridos” thanks to El Compa Shrek from the trap corrido group Arsenal Effectivo. This type of music is cool and a lot of people you would think would not like it, tend to enjoy it. We have seen a lot of styles with the Mexican culture music but this type is the best that has come. Some of the  well known trap corrido groups are Arsenal Effectivo, Herencia de Patrones, Fuerza Regida, and Legado 7. These groups all upload some of their music on a YouTube channel called “Rancho Humilde” which is the record label that most of them  are signed to.

Most of the these trap corrido groups began their  journey living in California but, Arsenal Effectivo began in our city Phoenix, Arizona. In their songs they sing about the life of a narco and kind of add some hood influenced lyrics. A good example of this would be a song that they all sang together titled “Cosas De La Clica “. In this song they talk about drinking lean, which is something that is very poppin in the industry, about money and the lifestyle of their clique. They all have a similar flow because they say their verse and then switch between each other. Throughout this whole video you can get the idea that they all get along and can fit into each others vibes. Another thing that is described in these type of corridos is their hangouts and the vibes they put out. You really will not catch these guys wearing their sombreros because they dress more modern and more California style with designer cloths.

These corridos have different type of beats than the traditional corridos you would hear on the radio. Most corridos have trumpets in the background but the trap corridos do not use them so often. They instruments they mostly use are the guitars and the accordion but more often its just their guitars. Instead of hearing constant singing, you can see the differences because they have their “singing ” part and their own verses. You do not hear the singing too often because they keep a flow where they say their verse and move on. This type of corrido has been the new wave for some time now and these groups have made an image for themselves by inventing this new flow that is mexican but also what they call trap. This is the new era of corridos and that is what you will mostly hear now in days. Trap corridos are very popular when it comes to truck meets and hangouts. They give a chill vibe but also a vibe which you can feel the culture put together.