Over the last couple of years, technology has advanced further with robotics and companies have started using robots to do certain tasks that people have always done. Recently Walmart, Target, Uber and Best Buy  have all started to use robots for a variety of tasks. In 2016 Uber started testing self driving cars. They have put 1 Billion Dollars into this project. More recently, Walmart said they were going to hire robots to do jobs human employees didn’t really enjoy . Walmart has 1,500 stores that will have robot cleaners and they also are having some unload trucks in the back so more employees can be with customers. With companies that start using robots to do human jobs this will save companies money because they don’t have to pay their robot employees. It will be interesting to see how this will develop but in my opinion I don’t think the robots will work because they could have technological problem. Technology has problems all the time and when the robots don’t work, the companies will lose revenue. With people, they can have another person to cover for them. That’s why I don’t think using robots for these jobs will work out in the long term.