This upcoming week, on May 4th, the O.G version of the Jordan “Bred 4s” was released.This release celebrates the 30th anniversary of the Air Jordan 4. Many people have been waiting for the shoe, and Jordan’s with “Bred” in their name are always some fire kicks. On usual new releases, changes are made to the shoe. However on this Air Jordan 4, the design is kept the same as the original and the colors didn’t change their tint. The main color of the shoe is the usual bred colors, red and black. It also includes cement gray on the mid-sole of the shoe. One thing that is important and kept the same in order for the shoes to stay O.G was the Air Jordan print logo on the back instead of the recent Jumpman logo. There is the same orange tag hanging off of the upper shoe lace cage that pictures the Nike swoosh logo and printed “Air” underneath.

The shoe released that is already sold out is the Steve Harrington Nike Earth Day Air Force Ones. They were released on April 22nd at selected retailers. This shoe itself is already one of Nike’s best sellers too; when collabs are made the sales of the shoe are quick to go up. The shoe’s main color is white but also includes some unique features. The sole of the shoe one the right one is a purple transparent material. On the other shoe, the left shoe, the sole is a blue-green color. The sole can be seen from the sides and front of the shoe but it does not pass half of the mid-sole. The cartoon drawing on the shoe portrays a toon-like character holding the planet drawn above the swoosh logo. The shoe does not include the silver plate that goes on the laces but they have the swoosh logo near where it would usually be for replacement. The back of the shoe has a purple swoosh on the right shoe and a blue-green one on the left. Near the back of the shoe there is a cartoon palm tree in black. The tongue of the shoe has a cartoon palm tree on the left shoe and the right shoe has a snake looking cartoon character with the palm tree head wrapped around the planet. L-A based artist Steve Harrington and Nike did a wonderful job designing the shoe and  making it appealing.

Entertainer/Musician/producer Donald Glover aka Childish Gambino has collabed with some Adidas originals to make some nice looking kicks with a little touch of his creativity to them. These shoes were released to April 26th of this year and can purchased on the Adidas website and other selected retailers. The shoes are the top 3 originals starting with the continental 80s, Nizza, and Lacombe. He made the shoes look like they are worn out to describe the miles walked by him. Each of the three models feature subtle imperfections such as frayed edges and wayward threads to show the stories behind the shoes. They are all mostly tan colored with white soles. However the Lacombe’s laces have green thread on them and the Nizza’s have dark brown threads on the laces. Each of the three models have imperfections such as frayed edges, wayward threads and the last two shoes have gold colored stains.To touch up the col-lab moth’s were threaded in on the inside of the shoes and on the Nizza’s and the Lacombe’s, the moth was also printed on the back of the shoe. Donald Glover did a good job on the color choices but the fact that they look too worn out make the value drop.

Photo courtesy of Andrei Asinas