There are 100 students going to Flagstaff on April 26. They are going to take a tour of the campus to see what Northern Arizona University is like. Each year, AVID tries to organize several university tours.

While visiting the university, students will receive a free lunch buffet. Maryvale was able to provide bus transportation for the students and NAU will provide the rest.

Tayanna is one of the freshmen students going to NAU. She wants to go because she hopes to attend that college – she’s been bringing her grades up she has seen pictures and she thinks the place is beautiful.

Isaiah is another freshmen going to NAU today. He wants to go because he wants to see the campus because it might motivate him to bring his grades up and he also wants to check the housing cost if he wants to go there.

Some of the questions they hoped to get answers for while on the tour are:

  • How many students drop out every year?
  • How big is the campus compared to other schools?
  • Can freshmen take higher level classes?