This year’s prom theme is Silver City Lights. It will be on May 11, at The Croft Downtown, 22 E Buchanan St from 8 p.m. to 12 a.m. Ticket sales have already begun. From April 8th- 26, singles are $65 and couples tickets are $100, from April 29-May 10, singles are $75 and couples are $140.

If you would like to bring an outside guest to prom there are some things you need to do first. You must go to the AP’s office and get the “Activity Guest Pass Application”. The form requires the guest’s basic information, along with their high school ID, and if they are over 18 or not in high school, their current drivers licence, state ID, college ID, or validation of place of employment. The age limit for guests is no younger than 14 and no older than 20.

There will be a contest for best promposals. First place prize is two free prom tickets, second place prize is one free prom ticket, and third place prize is 20% off you prom tickets. All promposal submissions must be submitted by May 1st for judging.To submit your promposals, upload them to Instagram using the hashtag #maryvaleprom19.