Every year between March 19 and March 21st winter ends and it becomes Spring time. Now that it is spring you can do more things outside because it gets hotter and the weather is going to be nicer. Also in spring the trees and bushes get new leaves as they lose their old ones from winter. There are a lot of things you can do in spring depending where you live. Many people really enjoy spring because of the fresh new air, the weather, and some people like to go on road trips. Now that it is no longer winter the sun goes down later so longer days and shorter nights. In the spring many people like to start growing fruits and vegetables so that it grows by the time it’s summer and people will work on their garden during this time. This is also a time when people like to go hiking or rock climbing. A majority of people love Spring because the weather is warmer, school is almost done after spring break is over and you can do more outside activities like fly a kite or ride a bike: things that they might not do in the winter because of how cold it can be. Spring is a good time to go outside because of the temperature change and there is more to do in spring than there is in the winter.