Eventually Maryvale High School will have some new upgrades to the school grounds. These upgrades will include a new building, new classrooms and other modifications. We interviewed our school principal, Ms. Simmons about these improvements.  The construction will be starting this summer and will affect the summer school students. Summer school for this year will be held at Trevor G. Brown High School.

The new building will be built over the basketball courts on the east side of the school. It is not yet decided on what exactly the building will be used for, but they have started thinking about what would be the most useful. It has not been official on how the building will look from both the inside or outside due to the picture boards still being looked at. This building will contain classes that we are in need of due to our “super condensed campus” as Ms. Simmons mentioned in the interview. This new building will lead to the basketball courts being re-ocated.

Other upgrades that might come to Maryvale will make our campus more appealing. One upgrade that has been considered is making the performing arts area look better. The upgrades are for the future  student sto get a better experience coming into their high school life. The Maryvale entrance currently looks dead in some peoples’ point of view due to a lack of plants. Ms. Simmons mentioned she would want a to add more plants to the campus entrance since the plants we  had there in the past were damaged by storms. This will make the entrance appealing and students will view our campus differently as they see it now.

Principal Simmons mentioned in our interview that we will be offering more coursesat Maryvale. That is where all the upgrades and the new building will come into play. This will contribute to the future students of this school because it expands on their learning academics, being able to take a course that they would like to take.

Some students don’t like the idea of the new building because it is taking away the basketball courts in the back. If they take away the courts then the students who always play there will not have a spot to play basketball, and if they do want to play then will have to play in the gyms and the teachers and security don’t want to have the students in the gym while PE classes are taking place. There will be negatives and positives to making this building but at the same time this decision isn’t about the student happiness because some students will be impacted in a bad way by taking away the courts on where people enjoy and want to spend their lunches.




BY: Cuauhtémoc Rayas & David Gamboa