February is Black History month and unfortunately it’s coming to an end. Many people have heard of Black History month and have no idea why it’s important or what it’s about. Black history month is when everyone takes time to recognize the achievements African Americans have made over all these years and how they continue to progress. According to the website “historiography” It states that Black History month began in 1915 half a century after the Thirteenth Amendment abolished slavery in the United States. This shows that one of the first achievements African Americans made was abolishing slavery.

People don’t realize it but African Americans are a huge part of why the world is the way it is today, whether it’s music or technology or even our rights today. African Americans have made many special changes in society. For example we wouldn’t have a clock if it weren’t for Benjamin Banneker who invented America’s first clock. Or there’s  Richard Spikes who created the first Automatic Gear Shift. Sarah Boone also invented the ironing board and she is the reason we no longer iron across two boards of wood.

As you can see, African Americans have achieved a lot of things from small things like an iron board to big things like abolishing slavery, but regardless without them our world wouldn’t be as amazing as it is today so they deserve a month where they are appreciated and valued which is why Black History month is so significant.