• On October 22, 1899, Hans Kamper placed an advertisement in a local newspaper explaining his wish to form a football club; a few positive
    answers led to a meeting at the Gimnasio Solé on November 29th.
  • Supporters of FC Barcelona are called “culés”, coming from the word for bum in Catalan. According to legend, from outside the old Les Corts stadium, all that could be seen of the spectators in the stands was their backsides!
  • Barcelona´s Camp Nou was once the same size as the Maracanã Stadium in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and the largest stadium in the world with capacity for 120, 000 spectators. It has since been reduced in size for security reasons.
  • The first official match took place in the Camp Nou on the 6th October 1957 against Real Jaén. The result was a win for FC Barcelona with 6 goals to 1.
  • The large roof of the Camp Nou slows down the growth of the gras son the field and has to be regularly changed.
  • The motto of the club, “Mes que un Club” was a symbol of Catalan nationalism especially during Franco´s dictatorship. 


These are some facts on how FC Barcelona came to be and other information about the team.