I’ve always heard the argument on whether or not dogs are better than cats. What do you think? Well here are some facts about cats and dogs that could possibly change your point of view on the two animals , whether you favor cats over dogs or vice versa.

First let’s start with cats. Cats have been around for as long as anyone can remember and although very few people value them they are very interesting and have many special characteristics.

Well for one, a cat’s first year of life is equal to the first 15 years of a human’s life. another interesting fact about cats is that cat’s spend 70% of the day sleeping and 15 percent of the day grooming. So if you’re a lazy person you don’t have to worry about your cat all the time because it knows how to survive on its own although it would like some affection from time to time. Last but not least when a cat “meow’s” that isn’t cat language it was actually developed by cats to communicate with humans! As you can see based on these 3 facts I’ve shared with you cats are really unique creatures.

Now it’s time to share most people’s favorite animal; Dogs.

Dogs are just as unique as cats. The first fact I’m going to share with you is that your dog is just as smart as a 2 year old toddler. toddlers aren’t very advanced but they are smarter than most people believe they are so for a dog to be just as smart is mind blowing! Another fact about dogs is that dogs pick up routines and habits so they can usually sense how long you’ve been gone when you leave. If you’re constantly with your dog providing the same routine everyday and something comes up and you have to go they notice that their routine has been interrupted and they develop a sense of time. Last but not least people don’t think whiskers have any real meaning that they are just a feature on a dog’s face but that isn’t true! A dog’s whiskers help dog’s sense approaching danger or prey basically they help them tell the size, shape or speed of an object nearby.


That’s it! If you were a dog lover before maybe your interests have shifted towards cats a little bit more and If you were a cat lover before maybe your interests have shifted towards dogs a little bit more. Regardless of what you prefer all animals have special meaning and deserved to be loved.