The Butterfly effect was painted to remind people that the littlest thing can make a big difference. Something like picking up a piece of trash or painting something new that nobody has ever seen before can make a big change in the world and maybe inspire someone to do the same. There are many places that have a butterfly painted in their areas, such as parks, shopping centers and schools. People volunteer to paint the butterfly, as a symbol of this butterfly effect. many students and Miss Gonzales teacher did this here at in Maryvale High school. Students are encouraged to take a picture with it to inspire others to be the change you want to see in the world.

The founder of the butterfly effect project is Tasha Wahl. The goal of the butterfly effect was to inspire how you can give back of your gifts. It could be money, talent or time – most importantly figure out that thing you are exited about and give it away to others to make the world better. Many people have used their time and talent to paint colorful butterflies in a variety of places. We can’t know how this will effect people, but we can imagine bout how it might effect someone in a positive manner. Most of these butterflies are made from the art communities in schools, stores, workshops, and other people who have heard about the butterfly effect. The butterfly effect project is getting bigger every day thanks to he people who chose to be the change.

Tash Wahl started the project by doing something small. She would hide a little butterfly and if someone found it she would donate $100 to charity. People kept asking her to make more butterflies. She created a Facebook account so people could send a picture of themselves with the butterfly. After that she decided to go bigger – she painted two big butterfly wings with the text “be the change you want to see in the world.” For every person who sent a picture of them with the wings, she would donate more to charity. Not many adults participate in the butterfly effect, but many teens who are still in school participate.

When Tasha Wahl made this piece of art she made it to inspire others. She travels all over the world to place these butterflies. She plans to stay in France for a month then New York and finally India for to tell stories about how life would be away from home a different place for a change. Tasha Wahl wants to show people that they are good enough as they are, to be themselves no matter what.  She is hoping to encourage people to be the best they can be and to bring out all that they have inside. Just remember if you ever feel bad,  just be yourself! Everybody is important no matter who you are.

The butterfly here at Maryvale was painted by the advanced art students. It is on the north side of the 900 building.