Tips on Finals

I’m going to tell you some tips on how to get ready for finals week. In my personal life I do use some of these to prepare for my final exams.  Maybe they might help you on your finals as well.

                . Create your own study guide
. Ask Questions
. Attend the review session
. Start preparing early
. Study things not on the study guide
. Take Breaks while studying to refresh your mind
Stay well- rested
. Create a study schedule and follow it
. Prioritize your study time
. Quiz yourself - Quizlet is a great resource
. Pace yourself
. Color code sections that are on the test
. Always eat something healthy on the morning of finals


These are some ways or things for you to do before your tests during finals week.

I do use these things because to me some of these things on the test will really help me and I need

to do this because I need to pass my classes.


This is the schedule for final exam week.  Monday is a regular day.

Tuesday, December 18 

P1                                8:oo-9:15

P2                                9:20-10:35

P3                                10:40-12:00

Lunch                         12:00-12:40

ESO                             12:05-1:20

Wednesday December, 19

P5/6                        8:00-9:15

P7                            9:20-10:35

P8                            10:40-12:00

lunch                       12:00-12:40

ESO                         12:05-1:20

Thursday, December, 20

P4                      8:00-9:15

P9                      9:20-10:35

P0                      10:40-12:00

Teacher Prep    12:00-3:30