Imagine going home to find a new family and different furniture and the family greets you like you are part of the family.  Well in the story I’m about to tell you that’s exactly what happened. Whopty-doo let’s get to it.

“Hello my name is Mike and I came home from school to find a family that I didn’t not know. ”

My school does this thing that if I get sick they call my parents and ask if the wanna come get me or I can walk home. The person which I assumed was my mother said that it was my choice. I said I’ll just walk home. Cause I just went through a break-up and I had to think about some stuff.

Outside was a newer looking car and I was like new car, cool. Like, whatever. Low-key wishing for me. Anyway I walk in and the smell of pie hits me, not just any pie. My favorite – apple pie. That’s weird, my mum hates to bake. Then I look around. Wtf. This is not my living room. I was just turning to leave when a lady comes hugging me and checking for a fever. I back up. Holy cow, what is happening – that’s not my mum.!!!! I feel light-headed. I got to what used to be my room and at least that’s the same.  I hear a distant beeping noise. I smell bleach and other chemicals. I feel someone grabbing my arm, I open my eyes and see the lady that has been my mother for the last 4 mouths. I’m pulled from my thoughts when I hear a loud scream. I look and it’s my mom? She says my full name or what I assume it is. I can’t feel my anything. Why??? I start to cry. “MOM!!!” I scream at the top of my lungs ” I can’t feel myself!! “.  I try to move. Then all these sounds start to fill my ears people screaming and crying smells like fuel and fire. I don’t move. I can’t. I feel the water fill my lungs. I don’t struggle. I floated to the top. and I start to move around till I found the  door, I see a light and I just float away but my body feels heavy. I fall into a deep sleep.   And now I find myself here, in this room with someone I don’t recognize.

They woman holds my hand and says to me “Honey, there’s been an accident…” And it all comes back to me.