I think that mainly no one likes the new update because its hard to use, or they either don’t like the way it’s set up. So far all of my friends have complained about it and I personally don’t like it. I believe that the owner of snap chat should revert the app back to the previous edition because so many people have sent complaints. Since  they changed the stories to the same side as the messages  when you get a message or send a message it goes under all of the old messages, making it easier to miss a new message. I also think that if they wouldn’t have done that it would’ve been better.  I’m not saying that they shouldn’t have updated it at all, but I feel like the new update now is really hard to use. I think that one day they’ll get a lot of complaints and they’ll change it back to the previous version, but maybe I’m wrong. Many people are hoping they change it back. The update just came out recently, not even a month ago and most of my friends hate it. Online it states that more than 800,000 people complained about it. I believe that snap chat tried too hard to do its best for the new update, but instead of doing it better they made it worse. Of course not everyone is going to agree but in my opinion this new update is not an improvement.