People always emphasize about how self love is really important. Although that may be true, self love isn’t always necessarily ‘loving yourself’. There are plenty of factors that prevent us from loving ourselves and changing the ideas we have about loving ourselves such as which is the correct way and which isn’t considered the correct way to build one’s self-esteem.

One factor that prevents many people from loving themselves is ‘Body Image’. This is one of the biggest issues because it really affects teenagers’ self esteem. Society displays women and men in the media that basically teach/tell adolescents that that’s the correct way to look. People start to compare themselves because they don’t accept who they are and how they look. People who do love themselves wouldn’t doubt themselves and many people could consider that ‘self love’.

Another factor that prevents many people from loving themselves are their social experiences, whether at home or at school. Teens think that having lots of friends or just being surrounded by lots of people is what’s considered ‘cool’ and if you don’t socialize with people or have a lot of friends you tend to feel like an outcast which can really affect the way you see yourself. According to most people the logical thing is to not care what others think or how many people you talk to and that would be considered ‘self love’.

Basically what I’ve been trying to get across is that although being confident in yourself and with who you are as a person does play a huge role in self love, sometimes self love isn’t always loving yourself. Self love is forcing yourself to go to school and get an education because you know its the right thing to do. Sometimes self love is feeding yourself when you aren’t hungry because you haven’t eaten in hours, or taking a day off because you’ve been working hard all week. Self love is doing what’s beneficial for you; it’s not always trying not to be caught up in what’s going on in society and many times people confuse the two.