Some may ask what is Cheating? Cheating is an act that is dishonest or unfair in order to gain an advantage in a game or examination. The cheating I’m talking about the cheating some or most students do. This mostly occurs anywhere between a school and college. Cheating can usually be a big problem, whether it’s  unintentional or not. A lot of teachers do not tolerate these type of acts. They usually want to see you at least trying. This will result with an “F”, which will look bad on you grades and yo will fail the class.

Not to mention, cheating can loose the trust between you and the teacher. And that can be pretty hard to gain back. Over half of most of the teachers never tolerate cheating. All that trust will be lost. Many of us already know that cheating is a big problem for both students and schools. Although this can lead to many more consequences like:

  • class failure- your grades will completely go down and it will be difficult to bring it back up.
  • suspension/ expulsion-this might only occur if you got caught cheating on a major test.
  • academic reputation- this will look pretty bad on your school record in which might be difficult getting into a school if you plan on transferring.