Reality Television- are shows supposedly unscripted and do not use professional actors.

When we hear the word reality we think of something that’s real, and when we hear the word television we think of cartoons, news, and comedy shows. On the other hand when we hear reality and television mix the whole definition of reality changes. On t.v. you mostly see shows that are scripted and already planned out before hand. Most reality shows turn out to be pretty good when others can be good but later on hit rock bottom because many people didn’t find the show interesting. When I was a small kid I would always watch a show called “Rob and Big” the show was based off of two best friends who had a camera crew following them around and filming their life-style. The show looked unscripted and let things happen and keep the cameras rolling.

When people see a reality show they believe they could do the same as the people they see. In that case they are wrong because not only are they unknown they don’t have the contacts to do it. If everyone in this world had a show on t.v. most of use would be hitting rock bottom before the second episode since we don’t have an interesting life. A reality show is like a YouTube channel since the creators from YouTube only post when they have a “banger”(a good or crazy event) for people to enjoy and watch. Most reality shows always have to have a big event to make the episode worth to watch.

Most reality shows can be edited to make it seem better and make people want to keep on watching. Most shows can be slightly scripted or heavily scripted so people could believe it more. When a reality show is staged they make the show have a good guy and a bad guy so they could either end up saving the day or ruining the day. At the end of the day people have their own opinion on things and mine is that most reality shows are staged and always  have to have a person saving the day and falling in  love on the show.  Now that I gave my opinion wha’ts yours? Should reality shows be raw and unedited?