Sexual harassment is bullying of a sexual nature or the unwelcome or inappropriate comments. Sexual harassment isn’t that common at Maryvale High School. When an incident is reported, it’s mostly girls who are victims.The male is most of the time the harasser.When the administration receives a report of someone being harassed they ask if any students seen anything and where it happened. Then when they find the person doing the harassment,  he or she might get expelled or suspended from school. The administrator also looks at social media accounts to see if the harassment is also happening online.

Out side of school is a different story. When it happens it mostly happens in the work place. Many victims don’t come forward because they think that the harasser might do something to them, or that they won’t be believed. In October 2017 a film producer name Harvey Weinstein was fired after more than 50 women came forward. This was after decades of harassment.  There was recently another case involving Dr. Larry Nassar – a doctor for USA Gymnastics who was arrested for sexually abusing 156 women – many of them had complained, but nothing was done because they weren’t taken seriously.