At Maryvale High School it’s normal to see the boys’ restrooms locked. This might be a new thing to you but I want you to know about a horror that males in particular have to go through.

Let me begin this article by explaining how terrible the bathroom situation is for male students here at MHS.  Most of the time the men’s restrooms are closed or aren’t even working, prompting us to go waste time to find another one. I HATE when the bathrooms are locked but what I hate more than anything is the bathrooms that have one crappy stall… the disrespect.

As I shake my head in disapproval all the women who are reading this won’t even know what I’m talking about. Imagine yourself (a women) being at a restaurant and going to the bathroom only to find it closed and asking a manager if there is another restroom and he tells you to use the men’s restroom as there is no one in there and you walk in and witness a horror of a restroom, there’s no stalls for a toilet or urinals. You don’t see a dryer or maybe it’s in that dark corner of the restroom. You’re not sure because you haven’t stepped through the transparent door of awful smells. Imagine my previous depiction over and over and think about it – you’ll  only experience that once and guys have to go through it for the better part of their life without even noticing because they’ve become immune to the smells and the sights.

I recently had the opportunity to interview some of Maryvales top security guards including a security by the name of ‘Domingo’ or ‘Mingo’ who has been a security guard at maryvale for 4 years. In my sit down with him I asked him about the bathroom situation and about them always being closed and he replied with “kids are always doing dumb stuff in them”. Only being part of the situation he also claims it is easier to control and monitor bathrooms when less of them are open Domingo also said that the bathrooms are closed for maintenance for the better part of them being closed. I also had asked Domingo if he thinks the bathroom situation for guys is bad in general he said that wherever hes been whether it be at the stadium or school he thinks its okay.

Another person I interviewed was a security guard named Sandra and he had similar things to say about the boys bathroom where she claims that “Kids do drugs, they do graffiti and cause damage in general” then she said ” they don’t need them all” although I disagree with that she does have a point about all of this. Both Domingo and Sandra have points in the matter and I’d like to thank them for giving me their time.