Related image  Eating bugs isn’t just a ordinary thing.  It’s part of cultures like in North , Central , and South America and Africa , Asia , Australia , New Zealand. Some bugs that are eaten are crickets , cicadas , grasshoppers , ants, various beetle grubs , various caterpillars , scorpions and tarantulas. Today there are many restaurants that serve bugs. Oaxaca Restaurant serves crickets. Don Bugito is a peculiar restaurant – they serve bugs and make snack bags (lol yummy!). There are many foods that can be made with bugs like chocolate chirp cookies and rootworm beetle dip.

Our newspaper class recently tries some of the Don Bugito snacks – the chocolate covered superworms and the coconut toffee brittle mealworms.  Reporter Bryan Murrieta had the chance to try both. His favorite was the coconut toffee.  He said that they tasted like Honey Bunches of Oats cereal. An anonymous student’s thoughts were that they tried too hard to make it look and  taste like normal food. I never thought that bug would become a thing we eat as food or a snack. I guess we can say bugs may be a part of the future.