In my opinion, advisory should be moved to first hour for reasons such as: students being late to class and missing out academic work time which means advisory is good to start of the morning so that students can eat breakfast and study. Students in the morning don’t function as well because they are are still half asleep. So, it’s a good opportunity to wake up so that they can be ready to learn for the next hour. Many students are usually late and miss out on class work or they have to retake the class because of their absences or tardies. I feel advisory being moved to the beginning of the school day is actually a good idea because of it being it a study hall class and it not being an important credit.

One of the biggest issues in first hour classes is that students are still half asleep this is due to that teens brains are biologically programmed to stay awake until around 10:45 pm. Teens can’t go to sleep early enough to be ready for school at 7:30 am.

I accept that our school is not going to change the schedule to 10am but what can we do? Well, we can change advisory to first hour because its bad when students don’t get enough sleep.